Various types of typesetting software prepress attention highlights

Some of the problems that were originally simple to solve in the prepress typesetting process have caused bizarre mistakes in the process of film production. These things can be avoided as long as the production staff has some understanding of the output printing process.

Like the manuscript of a magazine company, due to some problems in the production process, when an output center was opened, it was found in the RIP that there was a missing word in the document, but the output personnel could not check the problem. Lastly, the magazine said that because of the use of pirated characters in this output center. Later, they took the manuscript to the output of the new generation output center, and the same problem also occurred. Fortunately, the technical level here is relatively high. After careful inspection, it was found that several "implicit spaces" in the file were not deleted. After deleting the space, there is no such problem after the film is released. This problem, which was very simple for the production, caused the output center to suffer badly. It also caused the magazine community to run around. It also delayed the time and almost missed the publication date.

The output center is very helpless, but we feel that if the file is out of order, it will be designed and made here if the loss is greatest. These delays are all small things, but if there are really some mistakes, they will not be discovered until the final printouts come out. There are many other similar simple problems...

We have collected some notes that were made in various software. Please follow the output of the center professionals to tell us the specific points of attention in the production process.

General considerations

1, Mac production users do not use Beijing, Song, FangSong, Hei, Kai and other system fonts, if you use it will not be able to output or output garbled.

2. Do not use RGB pictures in pictures. If the output is incorrect, it may be grayscale or other non-customer desired color.

3, if the customer uses more English fonts, especially for some of the less commonly used books, please copy the disk into the best time to facilitate the output.


1. When the Chinese character distance is negative, it is easy to cause the text to overlap.

2, the correct use of "fillandstroke" function, easily lead to "paste". If it is wider, press the same word with no effect on it (Apple+=, select effect=none), and use “fillandstorke” to emboss the text.

Note the "overprivt" option.

3, freehand to do the gradient, the output accuracy should be changed to 2400dpi in the document, so that the gradient will be better.

4. "Tuan-Pattern" is a kind of bitmap that is filled in. After the output, its color is solid and cannot be screened. For example, the file is set to light green C10Y10, the screen display is normal, but the output is dark green C100Y100.

5. TIFF graphs exceeding a certain number of megabytes cannot be placed in Freehand 3.1 and the graph will be spent.

6. After a TIFF or EPS image is placed in Freehand 3.1, the format of the image is changed (eg TIFF becomes EPS or EPS becomes TIFF). Freehand files may not be opened.

7, if the placement of the map and changed a Photoshop PSD diagram, Freehand file will not be reported when opened, but the output does not map.

8, Freehand3.1 can not automatically update the image link, so the figure has been placed after the change of size, Freehand can not see the change. However, after opening the file to the output center, the size of the figure has changed. Therefore, after the map is changed, it should be re-placed in Freehand.


1. In Freehand 8.0, the effect of “transparency” is not exactly the effect of the screen display, but the effect after the transparent color filter, which needs careful use.

2. When black text is input in Freehand 8.0, the black text is normally selected automatically after the “imprint” is converted into a black curve. However, when it is filled with color, the imprint option is still Selected, so the color word is also imprinted, on the basis of all the special effects are also imprinted. The average production staff will not notice this. When the output is requested, the imprint effect is displayed on the screen and it is carefully checked. Using back-end separations can avoid this problem.

3. Freehand has a tool for cutting pictures that cannot be used. The graphic image is reconnected (automatically updated) to restore the original shape.


1, Chinese character effects except 'Italic' can be used, other characters are error-prone. Especially 'Underline' and 'hollow effect' cannot be realized correctly: 'Bold' will cause stencils, 'hollow effect' fonts will not be hollowed out, and Hanyi's fonts use 'underscore' when horizontal lines will be inserted into the characters (Front Founder Fonts can be 'underlined').

2, in the text effect dialog box, the word spacing value can not be too small, otherwise it will cause overlapping characters.

3, if you use a composite font, please bring together the composite font file in the output, to prevent the appearance of font inconsistency with the situation.

4, to avoid using space to align text, use the 'Tab' key and adjust the position in 'indentation, tab stop'.

5, in Pagemaker6.0, gray text if you use the default percentage of black settings sometimes imprinted. Redefine a gray color or a percentage of a new black definition.

6, to ensure that all images have links. Images without link information can only be output at 72dpi.

7. PageMaker files will be automatically linked in this folder when they are opened. If there are different images with the same name in different folders, the link may be wrong when the file is opened.

8. If the linked image is changed, the newly generated file size may not be the same as the original one, so that the image may be distorted after relinking.

9. Avoid copying images or graphics directly from other production software to PageMaker. Use the 'Place' command to place a graphic image. Directly copied graphic images cannot be output separately.

10. When a large TIFF image or TIFF image with a very high accuracy is placed in PageMaker, the output image will be doubled as the horizontal image, and it can be saved as EPS insertion.

11. After the EPS image is placed, avoid filling the EPS image. Otherwise, the color of the hair patch will be incorrectly output or output.

Otherwise it will be gray block after output.

13, when using the Freehand or Illustrator output EPS map, pay attention to the following points:

A. Transfer the special font in Freehand or Illustrator, otherwise it will be garbled;

B, Freehand four-color map, choose CMYK format and choose to include the image export;

C, Freehand diagram can not use the default black, should reset a black;

In D, Freehand or Illustrator drawings should be imprinted text or lines should be set to imprint;

E, Illustrator hidden things, generate EPS, PageMaker will output it.

14. Objects that are completely outside the page cannot be output. A portion of it must be inside the page before it can be output.

15. When grayscale TIFF images are placed in Freehand, the nature of the image can be changed (Apple + I) to become a bottom-perspective image. However, after the EPS image is generated and the PageMaker file is placed, the original grayscale image (with white background) is still linked. Only the original grayscale TIFF image can be changed to black and white. After replacing it in Freehand, the EPS image is regenerated, and it is output after being replaced in PageMaker.


1. There is a problem with the white color of the software itself. It is easy to turn black when outputting, and you should set a new white color when using it.

2. Objects that are completely outside the page cannot be output. You can place graphics, lines, or file blocks on the page a little bit.

3, Quark automatically set "trap", in the color or image background non-pure black body words will also trap leaks, so if it is a relatively small font will have more obvious bold.


1. The graphics produced by the Illustrator software itself should be adjusted to 2400 points in the "Properties" dialog box. Otherwise, the graphs tend to appear as polygons (that is, they are not sufficiently delicate and angular).

2, if you use gradients in Illustrator, the following options please select:

Chinese version: "File" - "Document Settings" - "Compatible Gradient and Gradient Network Printing"

English version: "file" - "document" - "CompatibleGradientandGradientMeshPrinting"

3, Illustrator output as EPS file, black text, graphics to be selected black imprint.

4. Illustrator has the function of converting RGB images to CMYK, but the color effect is extremely poor and cannot be used.

5, Illustrator9 has transparency Transparency option, output or generate EPS should be where 'print/expect' is set to the highest.


1. The graph placed in CorelDraw, if rotated, may output fragmentation or image defects.

2, selected 'overprinting' objects will be imprinted.

3, when the text has Chinese full-width spaces (more than twice the normal space), the output error needs to be replaced with a half-width space.

4, sometimes when Chinese characters are selected in the English font, the display is gone, and the output is incorrect.

5, art text can generally turn the curve, little change. Text words cannot be converted directly to curves. When text fonts are converted into art texts, some features of text texts disappear when they are used, making the text styles change greatly.

6. The virtual image created directly in CorelDraw8.0 cannot be output correctly. Please use 9.0 to make it.

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