10 autumn and winter anti-aging eye creams to keep your eyes tender and beautiful

The skin is easy to dry in autumn and winter, and moisturizing care is especially needed. The eyes are no exception. The skin of the eye is thin and sensitive, and it is the most vulnerable part. It is especially important to care for the eyes when it is blinked many times a day. When the autumn and winter arrive, the troubles in the eyes are one more heavy. I don’t pay much attention to moisturizing, and the dry and tight condition will appear. Here, we introduce ten eye moisturizing products to make your eyes lasting and beautiful.

Avene Avene Soothing Eye Cream

Specifications / Price: 10ml / ¥ 188.00

Product efficacy: oil-free formula. Containing oxeye daisy water, it is highly effective in calming and soothing the fragile skin around the eyes, effectively alleviating eye puffiness and fading away annoying black circles. Special care for delicate eye skin.

Recommended reason: Avene's products are particularly gentle, suitable for sensitive skin, more effective for dark circles, gently massage to eliminate edema. It is very moisturizing and hydrating. It is refreshing and oil-free, and it does not grow fat.

Clear CHINFIE Balance Moisturizing Eyes å•«å“©

Specifications / Price: 20g / ¥ 108.00

Product efficacy: ecological water-locking factor hyaluronic acid, long-term maintenance of eye skin moisturizing, combined with soy extract, can promote the growth of collagen and elastin, reduce and prevent the appearance of fine lines in the eye. ACTIFLOW, a vitamin-rich PP-enhancing yeast, enhances the microcirculation of the skin around the eyes by promoting the synthesis of the cell growth factor VEGF, effectively diminishing dark circles and bags under the eyes. Oil-free enamel texture, light and refreshing, easy to absorb, safer, suitable for all kinds of skin.

Recommended reason: It feels great after use, even if it is sensitive skin. It is especially comfortable to use, it is not greasy, moist and has a firming effect. It feels super good.

Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream

Specifications / Price: 14g / ¥ 290.00

Product Efficacy: Rich in moisturizing vitamins A, E, and avocado oil, it can make eye repair function for the skin around the fragile eye. Unique double moisturizing and non-displacement formula, nourishing ingredients can be close to the eye The skin does not ooze out and the skin is thus maximally moisturized. The formula is tested by an ophthalmologist and is suitable for all people, especially those who wear contact lenses.

Recommended reason: the hydrating effect is very good, the moisturizing degree is very good and quite refreshing, there is no feeling of too oil, it is very suitable for autumn and winter use. Sticking to the morning and evening every day, when I finished using the first bottle, I finally noticed that the small dry lines under the eyes have faded a lot, and the crow's feet in the previous corners of the eyes have faded. It is really good and looks younger than the actual age. 5 years old.

Estee Lauder Eye Repair Cream

Specifications / Price: 15ml / ¥ 480.00

Product effect: light and soft texture, immediately repair eye damage, protect delicate eyes from environmental damage; promote collagen protein secretion, instantly diminish fine lines and wrinkles, fade edema, reduce dark circles, make bright radiance; Consolidate the defense and moisturizing barrier of the skin around the eyes, firmly lock the moisture to prevent loss, help resist the irritation and external environment, make the eye skin smooth and smooth, the eye makeup is easy and easy to wear, and the makeup is more attractive.

Recommended reason: It is definitely a star product in the star. It gives people a feeling of light texture. It feels that nutrition can quickly penetrate into the deeper layers of the eye skin. The effect of instant absorption or instant moisturizing is very good. Satisfied, especially in dealing with fine lines, has a significant effect. When applied, it will have a slightly warm feeling and promote blood circulation.

Guerlain Guerlain Hydrating Youth Eye Cream

Specifications / Price: 15ml / ¥ 810.00

Product Benefits: Intensive moisturizing, energizing the skin, it is an intensive and powerful moisturizing eye serum that strengthens the skin, imparts vitality to the eye skin and strengthens the skin. Anti-aging, anti-oxidation maintains youthful radiance, reduces dark circles and puffiness, maintains a moisturizing effect throughout the day, leaving skin smooth and comfortable. It also promotes microcirculation of the eye skin, rejuvenating the skin and relieving eye fatigue.

Recommended reason: The moisturizing degree and absorption of this eye cream are very good. The taste is also very good, and I will see some effects after 3 weeks of trial. Her texture is not thick, but the moisture is very good. Therefore, consumers who like to feel refreshed but have to replenish water are best to use her. Not only did the eyes become moist after use, but it seems that the bags under the eyes have eased.

La Prairie Revitalizing Eye Cream

Specifications / Price: 15ml / ¥ 950.00

Product Efficacy: Contains La Prairie's unique living cell extract to fight against skin aging. Contains amino acids to soothe the skin; and shea butter and a unique living cell extract provide nutrients to the skin, revitalizing the skin. It can effectively soothe the fragile eye skin, replenish it, promote cell recovery, and relieve dryness and edema.

Recommended reason: the first choice for mature skin. It not only provides moisturizing and firming effect to the skin, but also "fills in" the fine lines around the eyes. It is an ideal eye makeup cream that will make the eye makeup lasting and durable.

FANCL no added eye cream

Specifications / Price: 8g / ¥ 180

Product efficacy: It can activate the keratinocytes around the eyes, prevent water loss, reduce dark circles and eye bags, and make your eyes regain their elasticity. Lecithin induces water and oil; plant-based intercellular lipids provide strong support to the skin to maintain elasticity. Effectively reduce dark circles, eye bags, reshape the elasticity of the eye skin, and fight against early aging symptoms.

Recommended reason: The concept of "active keratinocytes" was first proposed, not only staying on the surface nourishment, but also "activate" the eye skin, safe and effective, suitable for sensitive skin.

Dior Dior Moisturizing Sunscreen Eye Cream

Specifications / Price: 15ml / ¥ 395

Product Efficacy: The first eye care product that is both moisturizing and SPF 20 protected. The patented hydrophilic complexes are powerfully moisturizing, saccharide polymers and UVA and UVB filters that form a barrier on the skin's surface. It fights against fine lines and wrinkles caused by water shortage, soothes the eyes and protects them from environmental factors.

Recommended reason: the most comprehensive protection of eye cream. Just like an isolated eye mask, it protects the fragile skin from the unfavorable factors such as pollution, UVA and UVB rays while maintaining the moisture content of the eye skin.

Biotherm Biotherm Translucent Eye Cream

Specifications / price: 15ml / ¥ 450 yuan

Product Efficacy: The first step to achieve daily bio-revitalized eye care products. Two cutting-edge technologies - Bio-Rejuvenation Technology + Mineral Organic Active Factor, bring the dual effect of moisturizing and rejuvenating. Reduces fine lines on the eyes, diminishes dark circles, smoothes the eyes, and makes the eyes look young. A gentle formula that does not contain any fragrances or colors.

Recommended reason: "Rejuvenation" has become a must for beauty skin. This safe product for fragile eye skin "rejuvenation" brings a comprehensive skin rejuvenation solution to effectively reduce wrinkles and reduce blemishes. At the same time, the moisturizing effect is also very commendable.

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