2011 home furnishing decoration trend forecast pursuit of high quality home

The popular home decoration "fly into the home of ordinary people." Modern urban life makes people's requirements for the home environment not only comfortable, warm and practical, but also the pursuit of good home life and the pursuit of high quality home taste.

Overall home: Jane, light brown

It is reported that in recent years, the city's furniture industry has more to reflect the pure European and American furniture style. In the urban living houses and furniture market in the urban area, more neo-classical furniture with Chinese and Western styles has begun to appear. It combines the elegance of Chinese furniture with the elegance of European furniture, blending the simplicity of fashion. Modern, minimalist, American-style, neo-classical, simple European and post-modernist styles are still the mainstream of the market, and the creamy yellow, camel and light brown panel furniture is still popular. In recent years, consumers have become more and more demanding on the environmental protection of furniture. For example, the environmental protection standards for plates have been continuously upgraded, and manufacturers' marketing of furniture environmental protection is still the highlight of 2010 panel furniture manufacturers. The European furniture that has been simplified in 2011 will be favored by the majority of families in 2010. The combination of iron, rattan, fabric and solid wood gives consumers a greater choice.

Bathroom: natural material, intelligent

According to reports, more and more natural materials have been incorporated into the design of bathroom space, wood, stone, rattan and other materials have broken through the law that is not suitable as a bathroom material. The bathroom is not only used to solve personal hygiene, but also promotes the maximum integration of people's enjoyment into the bathing space, focusing on the intelligentization of bathroom products. For example, a smart toilet that can be used as a toilet, and a bathtub that can realize audio-visual enjoyment. Many sanitary ware companies have developed and promoted similar intelligent products in 2010.

Floor: environmental protection, solid wood, original ecology

From the fashion trends of 2010, environmental protection is still a hot topic in the flooring industry. Since the rubber-free floor can be installed without glue, the construction speed can be improved, and the glue for cleaning the surface of the floor after the completion of construction is eliminated. In addition to the convenience of installation and maintenance, it is more important for its environmental protection. The rubber-free floor will become the global floor in 2011. The new direction of the industry.

At the same time, the new solid wood flooring between the solid wood and the reinforced floor is a sudden rise. It will be popularized in 2011 due to its stable performance, novel style and diverse style. If the price of the new solid wood flooring is reasonable, it will be more Accepted by people, it will become a real consumer-led product. In addition, the pure ecological floor is not painted, without any modification of the original ecological floor, is also a popular trend of solid wood floor style.

Paint: Advocating nature, personal experience

It is an indisputable fact that paints advocate a new naturalistic style. According to reports, the future breakthrough of coating product technology should be to the direction of all-natural development. The attention paid by the paint consumer group is no longer in the early stage of obeying the painter's oral communication or seeing the advertisement saying that it is good. Nowadays, entering the brand experience store and participating in the enterprise's experience activities has become an important part for consumers to understand the paint. Initiative. At the same time, the experiential design of the store terminal is becoming more and more important for brand promotion.

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