Furniture is a new wave of fashion that takes people to lead the home with "color"

A sleek, sleek sofa, a wardrobe with a visual touch, or a soft bed with a unique design. Even in a small home, color furniture can still jump out of the dynamic dance, it seems that the home industry is about to be another fashion industry.

Nowadays, artistic and personalized furniture has become a new wave of fashion in the home industry, and furniture has become more and more fashionable. The highlights of the furniture are concentrated in the use of color. People pay more attention to the quality of life, the pursuit of a new way of life, and the desire to emphasize the integration of personality and taste while eager for the environmental protection and low carbonization of furniture.

Recently, the reporter learned in the Yantai home improvement market that in addition to low-carbon environmental protection and sophisticated materials, the current color of the furniture market is also an important feature of the visual impact and imaginative color matching. Yang Meijun, the owner of Beijing Yifeng Home Furnishings in Yantai City, said, “The main reason why color furniture is sought after is because the color is pure and pure, and the paint is finely polished, clear, full and environmentally friendly. Both use high-density thick plate, honeycomb paper veneer technology, etc., so that the furniture has stronger pressure resistance and reduced deformation. In addition, the paint meets international standards and adds yellowing resistance, which can effectively prevent the furniture caused by ultraviolet radiation. Yellowing."

Fashion tide "home" point color

"Use the color to dare to take the lead, the word behind the brave word" is the slogan of the young family who emphasizes individuality and fashion. However, designers remind consumers that no matter what color they choose, they must be in harmony with the overall home style. Generally speaking, furniture is in the main position in the living room, and together with the color of the interior decoration, it forms the main color of a space. Different styles of warmth, lightness, darkness and lightness make up different styles. The ever-changing color combination brings many different feelings. . But as long as you like it, the one that suits you is the most beautiful.

“Red Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple” is the basic color of colored furniture, but now many home shopping malls are no longer stuck to these basic colors, but a mixture of colors. From sofas to curtains, to a bed, to the night lights in front of the bed... The interpretation of colored furniture can be described as a "series": if you fall in love with an exaggerated sofa, you will continue to do it for it. With a beautifully colored carpet, these are not enough. There is no matching table or coffee table on the stalls... So, colorful home accessories are constantly moving into your "color empire".

Elegant feeling behind color

In an interview with Jiahe Home City, the reporter saw that although the furniture still follows the pure route in the past, the color has boldly broken through. Yan Ting’s Byzantine director Wang Tingting said in an interview: “The best way to build a vibrant and fashionable home is to use colorful furniture. In design, it’s more self-explanatory than simple simplicity. The contrasting color arrangement and the combination of rigid and soft materials make people seek a surreal balance in the cold. More and more furniture is beginning to pursue youthfulness. More and more alternatives and avant-garde can be seen. This type of furniture is not just something on the drawings. The life of people has begun, and the next generation will become a new group of consumers. In fact, many brands of furniture are no longer stuck in traditional colors or A single color, but a mix of colors, each color is dazzling and full of vitality.

Plate interpretation of the trend of color

Birch, fir, walnut, deep wood color reveals natural lines, bringing a feeling of closeness to nature. The bedroom was sprinkled with tender green, light yellow, brilliant red, dark blue, and the color of life flowing makes the house look playful and human. Or with warm and elegant wooden furniture, or with modern minimalist and trendy design, create a different style of modern space, so that the home is full of warm atmosphere. This year's panel furniture has a sleek, colorful color on the surface and even the frame. According to Yang Meijun, the person in charge of Yifeng Furniture, in the past, the realistic solid wood material is the price of furniture, and the trend in the future is that the surface and even the border of the furniture will use a variety of colors, such as deep purple, brown, white. , orange, blue. However, the color of furniture should not be too complicated. The color of the same piece of furniture should be less than 3 kinds. In the same set of furniture, the color should not be too much. The main factor in the popularity of panel furniture is that it has a variety of veneers that give people a variety of colors and textures.

For this winter, the home color trend, Yang Meijun believes that the breakthrough of furniture materials is always relatively slow and lagging, but the color is in line with the human mood. According to the sales staff of Jiahe Home City, color furniture is mostly made up of panel furniture, mainly designed for teenagers and single nobles. Because the customer group is young people, the simple style is naturally the tone of color furniture. Monochrome: red, yellow, white, orange, gray, mixed with primary colors.

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