Bayer Material Pure Bucket: Environmental Choice

5gal (18.925L) Polycarbonate Purified Water Tank is ideal for providing clean drinking water. The Makrolon WB1239 from Bayer MaterialScience is a unique product tailored to the needs of the bucket industry. Its large-capacity purified water bucket can be cleaned and refilled for up to 50 times, and it is used multiple times. It can ensure the cost-effectiveness of supply.

The importance of sustainable logistics solutions is particularly prominent in developing and newly industrialized countries, where the problem of clean drinking water supply is becoming increasingly severe. Expert Xie Guangxin of Bayer MaterialScience polycarbonate pure water bucket said: “The 5gal pure water bucket is easy to transport, so it can provide quick solutions for drinking water problems in remote areas.” It is estimated that more than 1 billion people worldwide cannot obtain clean drinking water. Water, and rapid population growth, climate change and environmental pollution will also exacerbate drinking water shortages in the future. At present, many developing countries and new industrialization have begun to use polycarbonate purified water buckets to provide people with clean drinking water, especially in areas with few populations or lack of adequate infrastructure.

The success of recycled polycarbonate buckets can be attributed to its excellent material properties. The weight of this bucket is only about 750g, which is 85% lighter than glass bottles of the same size. Compared to materials such as PET, PP or PVC, Makrolon WB1239 is superior in hardness, toughness, fracture resistance and temperature resistance. Its excellent characteristics ensure that the pure water bucket has a longer service life, and the extremely high transparency makes it easy to check the filling conditions and the quality of the contents. In addition, the material also meets the current global demand for plastics and food contact materials.

The Toothbrush made of bamboo has the characteristics of toughness and wear resistance, softness and smoothness. The bamboo bristles cross section is covered with large and small oval pores, which can absorb and evaporate large amounts of water instantaneously.
The mixture of tea polyphenols in the compound brush contains lactic acid bacteria and other dental caries that can kill in the sew. It has the effect of inhibiting the activity of glucose polymerase, so that the glucose can not be polymerized on the bacteria table so that the bacteria can not be implanted on the teeth and the process of caries formation is interrupted.It is a biodegradable toothbrush that meets the requirements of green, environmental protection and low carbon.

Bamboo Toothbrush

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