Cautious and easy to use winter moisturizing method

In the dry season, everyone has their own moisturizing skills. When your skin feels dry and tight, your first reaction must be to drink plenty of water and apply moisturizers. In fact, your moisturizing skills are not necessarily correct.

1. Moisturizing essence is more water-locking than moisturizing cream
The idea of ​​this kind of mistake is because the skin care ingredients in the essence products are often higher than the cream, and the texture is lighter, and the ability to penetrate and absorb is better. However, the essence often acts on the deeper layers of the skin. It does not form a protective layer on the surface of the skin like a cream. Once the essence is applied, the skin will soon feel very dry.
Xiaobian Tip: To achieve water lock, moisturizing cream is essential.

2, high oil maintenance products are more water-locked
Oil can really protect the sebum membrane and reduce the evaporation of water, but greasy skin care products are not necessarily more moisturizing than refreshing skin care products, and it may also increase the secretion of facial oil, block pores or cause sensitivity, the higher The oil also blocks the skin's ability to gain moisture in the air, reducing the natural water retention of the skin itself.
Xiaobian Tip: The texture that makes the skin comfortable is more important. The new generation of moisturizing products pay more attention to the composition of water lock and technological breakthroughs. You may want to pay attention to the ingredients when selecting products.

3, when the skin is dry, do not stop spraying the mineral spray on OK
Although the mineral spray contains trace mineral ions, it can calm sensitive skin and replenish moisture. However, the spray does not contain moisturizing ingredients that can lock the water. Once the number of sprays increases, and the lotion is not locked, the skin will fall into the dry. The vicious cycle of wet repetition causes skin to be dehydrated.
Tip: The spray should not stay on the skin for more than one minute. The excess water should be removed with a paper towel. Immediately afterwards, apply a moisturizing lotion.

4, hard to drink water will not dry
It is scientifically proven that drinking a lot of water at once can be very effective in relieving dry skin, because although moisture is transported to skin cells, it is usually metabolized when it has not reached the skin. And plenty of water will also take away many of the body's useful electrolytes and minerals, which are important water-locking elements in the skin.
Tip: Drinking 1800 ml of water is enough to provide daily water demand. Cold boiled water has better hydrating effect than hot boiled water, and it can help the water that is easy to lose to maintain the best level. Drink a cup of cold water before taking a bath or shower to prevent the moisture under the skin from evaporating quickly.

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