6 whitening masks double the effect quickly

Ultraviolet rays are getting stronger and stronger. If you don't want to become a little black girl after a summer, you must have a whitening effect and a whitening mask that allows you to make beauty through a dense osmotic pressure in just ten minutes. The essence is deeply injected into the skin, bringing a “quality” jump to the whitening repair of the cells.

1. Snowflake Xiujing Whitening Mask ¥680/6

Snowflake zirconia whitening mask

The whitening mask is fermented with natural Korean herbs and refined by hand. The comfortable touch is like skin integration. In just 10 minutes, the skin tone can be improved and the skin can be brightened and regained. A soothing mulberry ingredient that helps remove harmful ingredients from the skin. The extract of Hedyotis diffusa helps to regulate the vital substances that affect the health of the skin, making the complexion clear and translucent.

2, Kanebo BLANCHIRSUPERIOR 馥 皙 皙 深 深 ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ 240 240

Kanebo BLANCHIR SUPERIOR 馥 皙 深 深 深 深 深 深

The effective whitening ingredients and various botanical ingredients condensed by the sheet mask penetrate deeply into the depth of the stratum corneum. Prevents UV damage, roughness, redness of the skin, and creates a skin that is moisturized, smooth and bright.

3, FANCL freckle bright white repair mask ¥ 170 / 3 tablets

FANCL Brightening Whitening Mask

18mL whitening essence is densely deep into the bottom layer of the skin, which concentrates to dilute and reduce melanin, continuously diminishes stubborn spots and enhances whitening and repairing functions. It can repair and calm the skin in the sun in real time, and it is light and moisturized. Special eye mask design for a more thoughtful whitening.

4, SOFINA Sophia concentrated whitening moisturizing mask ¥ 250 / 6 tablets

SOFINA Sofina Concentrate Whitening Moisturizing Mask

An essence mask with rich whitening ingredients. Prevents stubborn stains caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. It is the only effective whitening ingredient [Matrician ET] that can make the skin forget [UV memory]. It inhibits melanin production and prevents the formation of spots and freckles.

5, Hou Gong Chen enjoy snow white horny mask ¥ 600 / 135ml

After the arch, enjoy the snow white horny mask

Containing a remarkable whitening effect, the palace formula "seven fragrant white and white powder", soft adhesion can remove keratin without any stimulation, exfoliate at the same time, can effectively regulate the skin surface and hide inside the skin, restore white jade-like elegance skin.

6, dream makeup flower extract whitening face sleep mask ¥ 169/20ml

Dream makeup flower extract whitening face sleep mask

Its effective whitening ingredients revitalize the skin in the evening dreams, giving the skin a lustrous luster and taking away the rough and rough troubles. In the night, inject a moisturizing whitening energy into your skin! The next morning, the crystal-like white skin will wake up with you at the same time!

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