2012 Russian Furniture and Interior Exhibition

【Exhibition Time】 November 19-November 23, 2012

【Location】 EXPOCENTR Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia

【Organizer】EXPOCENTR International Exhibition Center

[China Co-organizer/Contractor] Xiamen Yingtuo Business Co., Ltd.

The annual MEBEL has successfully passed 21 spring and autumn. As the largest and highest quality furniture exhibition event in Russia, it attracts famous furniture manufacturers from all over the world to the exhibition every year. This exhibition has developed even more rapidly since the UFI (Global Exhibition Association) certification in 1998.

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During the 2009 exhibition, 650 exhibitors from more than 10 countries and regions including Germany, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, France and Finland attended the event, with 60,430 visitors, of which more than 83% attended the event. The audience is a professional in the industry. The exhibition effect has also been recognized and praised by the world, and more than 75% of the exhibitors indicated that they will continue to participate in the 2011 exhibition.

MEBEL witnessed the tremendous development of the domestic furniture industry in Russia and provided a face-to-face communication opportunity for furniture manufacturers, operators, designers and consumers in various countries. I believe that the 2011 exhibition is a good opportunity for you to explore Russia and the surrounding markets.

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Apartment furniture and furniture: bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, living room, bathroom, study and reception room, etc.;

Furniture in public places: offices, banks, shops, restaurants, health centers, tourist resorts, campsites, theaters, hospitals, clinics, kindergartens, educational institutions, libraries, reading rooms, hairdressers, beauty salons, saunas, restaurants, Bars, entertainment venues, billiards rooms, cafes, etc.;

Interior decoration: carpets, lighting, mirrors, glassware, drawings, silk fabrics, tulle, wallpaper, tableware, flower arrangements, tapestries, sculptures and toys;

Interior decoration, configuration, accessories, materials and design.

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