Solid wood furniture frequency trap material door to buy a contract

The eucalyptus is marked with black walnut, a variety of materials are only one type, fuzzy material... Recently, the furniture industry frequently exposed the incident of low-grade materials posing as high-grade materials , which caused customers to be damaged and shame the industry. The reporter found that the products on the Beijing market are relatively regular in material labeling . Experts remind consumers that when purchasing furniture contracts, they must clearly indicate the tree species and origin of the products, so that they can be defrauded at the time.

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Furniture exposed material problem

On March 29th, the website of the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision announced the recent announcement on the quality of regular inspection and inspection of five products such as furniture, paints and printing machinery. The furniture inspection mainly carried out inspections on 44 items such as paint film resistance, paint film adhesion and metal parts appearance requirements. A total of 169 batches were inspected and 129 batches were inspected. Only 26 cases were found to be unqualified. batch. In addition, there are 8 batches of furniture that are listed on the black list due to unqualified trees, which attracts attention.

The 8 batches of furniture that were found to be unqualified, including the “dining chair (rosewood)” produced by Maoguang New Furniture Factory in Dayong Town, Zhongshan City, and the flower produced by Renrenju Furniture Store in Dayong Town, Zhongshan City. A few (Pingyu Iron Bean), "Small official hat chair (red sandalwood red iron pea)" produced by Shuiyunxuan Kungfu Tea Factory in Dayong Town, Zhongshan City. Dongguan City Furniture Co., Ltd. produced the name of Gemu (Pineapple) in October 2011. This time it was tested as liquid-resistant, damp-heat-resistant, tree species and other items unqualified; Dongguan Ma Yong Licheng Redwood A small square stool with a size of 28×28×33 cm was also found to be unqualified for items such as tree species and logos.

The so-called unqualified tree species refers to the behavior of deliberately not writing materials or deliberately writing wrong products, marking only one type of material, deliberately obscuring materials, etc. There are three reasons for this situation. First, because of the lack of professional and technical personnel, the company has made mistakes in the procurement of raw materials, and has not detected the tree species by the national authorities. Second, some manufacturers will also appear because they do not understand the relevant standards. Mistakes; third, some manufacturers deliberately mislabeled materials, pretending to be precious tree species with inferior tree species, in order to earn higher profits.

Great price difference between different materials

The tree species are different, and the materials used in the production of furniture are also different. Different materials, the price is also different, and some are very different, this is the root cause of some companies making articles on materials.

Taking solid wood furniture as an example, the solid wood furniture currently used on the market is teak, walnut, ash, ash, birch, cherry, rosewood, etc., and the price difference between them is quite large, ash and rosewood There is at least a 50% difference between the prices, and the prices of different species of trees vary greatly. For example, Hainan huanghuali and Vietnamese huanghuali have double or even several times the price difference. In 2010, Ms. Liu purchased antique furniture with a total price of 8.6 million yuan from Jinfei Redwood. At that time, the quality certificate provided by Jinfei was marked as “100% fragrant wood (decorating Dalbergia)”, which is known as “Hainan Yellow”. Pear." However, according to the professional identification, the materials used in these three antique furniture are “Vietnamese huanghuali”, which triggered a lawsuit between Ms. Liu and Jinfei Redwood. At the end of last year, a famous furniture company in Beijing was exposed by CCTV, and the use of eucalyptus as a sales of black walnuts also caused industry shocks.

Solid wood furniture is beautiful because of the color and texture [1.50 0.67%] view, durable and environmentally friendly products are favored by consumers, but the concept of solid wood furniture on the market is chaotic, the introduction of shopping guides is often "speaking but not real", solid wood furniture material "fake" Consumer complaints of “unreal” have been high. In addition, in recent years, solid wood furniture has gradually adapted to the young and fashionable route, and some new tree species materials have been adopted. Consumers need to be cautious in discerning when purchasing.

Contract should note material and origin

According to the national standard of GB 5296.6-2004 "Consumer Goods Instructions for Use Part 6 Furniture", the label of wood furniture products should be clearly marked with the name and use of various raw and auxiliary materials for wood furniture. A few days ago, the reporter visited the famous homes in Beijing, such as the home of the real estate and the city outside the city. After investigation, it was found that except for a small number of brands on the logo, the project is simple and the content is not complete. Most of the solid wood furniture logos are in line with national regulations.

In the Chengjiao Plaza outside the city, the reporter saw that a multi-drawer cabinet for bright furniture that manages solid wood furniture is very detailed with the name, model, specification, main material, grade, and origin. When introducing the product, the shopping guide also clearly informed which part is the main material, which part is the substrate, and what kind of tree species are used respectively. In the reporter's investigation, it was also found that the material identification did not meet the specifications. A brand that operates Huanghuali furniture placed a table with a price of 880,000 yuan in a conspicuous position, but the label simply wrote the word "rosewood". According to the naming and classification rules in "Dark and expensive hardwood furniture" (QB/T 2385-2008), the product naming must include the Chinese name of the timber species, the Latin name of the timber species, the number of products, the product category, and the four items must be Arranged in order.

Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, said that the rarer tree species such as rosewood and black walnut, the price of finished furniture is naturally expensive, and the rubber wood that has appeared in recent years is relatively cheap. Consumers can't judge by price alone. Before buying, they should do their homework in advance according to their own needs, and they must have basic ability to distinguish. In addition, Zhu Changling also stressed that when purchasing a contract, it must indicate the species of trees and the origin of the furniture. If problems are discovered in the future, they can be used as evidence for rights protection.

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