Discount furniture hanging color dynasty home nickname logistics distribution is too violent

Some time ago, Ms. Su booked a set of furniture for the royal family. When the merchant delivered the door to the installation, she found that the furniture was not intact. On average, each piece had four or five injuries. Finally, After some negotiations, the manufacturer said that because the logistics responsible for the delivery was too violent, the furniture was broken and agreed to return the full amount.

打折家具挂彩 皇朝家俬称物流配送太暴力

Discount furniture hanging color dynasty home nickname logistics distribution is too violent

Newly bought furniture hangs

On March 5, the reporter contacted Ms. Su. Ms. Su lives in Lisong District. As she prepares to get married in early April this year, she took advantage of the dynasty’s home in Chengyang during the New Year’s Day to buy a set of furniture, including a coffee table, TV cabinet, dining table and Six chairs cost a total of 9000 yuan.

On February 28th, the manufacturer sent the furniture to the door. The workers began to install after disassembling. At that time, a friend of Ms. Su was also on the spot to help. Ms. Su’s friend noticed that there was a scar on the furniture that had just been installed, and then Su The lady carefully looked at the pieces of furniture and found that almost every piece of furniture had four or five "scars", and the light was pulled out of the small grooves. Seriously, there was a crack of several tens of centimeters long on the tabletop of the table. On the triangular bracket at the table leg position, a large piece of wood was also missing, and even the screw was cracked.

Full refund

After the installation staff found that several pieces of furniture were “hanging color”, they were also confused and confused. There was no way that Ms. Su could only contact the manufacturer, and the manufacturer also informed the local store to contact Ms. Su.

The reporter learned that Ms. Su was purchased from the counter of the dynasty family in Chengyang, and the reporter also contacted the seller in the afternoon. A lady surnamed Qin, after knowing this, said that the matter was handled by her. And the specialty store here is the direct store of the manufacturer. She said, "We have not seen this before. After looking at the damage, we speculate that it is caused by logistics, because these furniture are shipped from Guangzhou, sent to customers and assembled again, and logistics. The company is not specializing in the transportation of furniture. It may not be very careful and cause damage to the furniture. After communicating with the customer, we initially proposed that if you choose to replace it, you can offer a discount of 200 yuan. If you return it, you can get a full refund. Finally, Ms. Su chose For the refund, we just sent the furniture back to the original factory.

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