Children's furniture is very cautious and unwilling to avoid the new national standard.

Nowadays, the children are the apples of their parents. The toys in their hands and the food in their mouths all make their parents nervous. However, it is difficult for parents to check the furniture for their children. However, parents no longer have to worry about this situation. The General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture will be implemented in August. Children's furniture with safety hazards will be eliminated, so some children's furniture dealers are now starting to sell discounts, but parents seem to I don’t appreciate this, and most of them take a wait-and-see attitude.

"General technical conditions for children's furniture" implemented in August

It is understood that the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture", which will be implemented in August, is the first furniture-specific standard for children aged 3-14. The "conditions" are divided into 9 parts, and the structural safety and safety warning signs of children's furniture are clearly defined. It is clear that the age range for children's furniture is 3 to 14 years old, and the sharp corners, protruding parts, holes, gap size and stability energy of children's furniture are clearly defined, and 10 kinds including formaldehyde and soluble heavy metals are also specified. The control of toxic and hazardous substances is strictly restricted.

In the "Conditions", for the children's furniture artificial panels, paints, textiles, fur fabrics and other main and auxiliary materials, heavy metals, formaldehyde emission and decomposable aromatic amines and other toxic and hazardous substances have set a limit index, which is more strict and demanding than adult furniture. . At the same time, in order to prevent children from hiding in the furniture for a long time and causing suffocation, the cabinet-type closed furniture used by children should have a certain ventilation function; in the warning sign, the product should be clearly specified on the children's furniture products or in the instructions for use. The age group and other required safety warning signs, warning signs such as "danger", "warning" and "attention" are used.

Businesses are busy with promotions

On the morning of April 19, the reporter rushed to the Huangshi Furniture Square in the city's Fudong Road and found that most of the shops were being renovated. Some furniture placed in the store did not see the shadow of children's furniture.

In the All-Friends Home Living Museum near the Maling River in the city, the reporter saw that there are 8 children's furniture display areas, which have different age groups and boys and girls furniture showrooms, and the price ranges from 8,000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. When the reporter mentioned the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" to be implemented, Ms. Yan, a home consultant, said that their products are non-polluting furniture, especially children's furniture, parents can rest assured to buy. As May Day approaches, the home living museum is about to launch a promotional campaign, which will make the profit margin exciting.

In the furniture sales area of ​​Yiwu Trade City in the city, children's furniture has been placed in a prominent position. A furniture seller, Mr. Qi told reporters that he also recently learned that the country is about to introduce children's furniture standards. Because they are worried that these children's furniture with safety hazards will be eliminated, they have started to promote price reduction activities, but the sales performance is not obvious.

According to the furniture promoters, they also know that the country will implement the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" in August, so it will be combined with the May 1 holiday to promote sales discounts.

The public is cautious in buying children's furniture

A well-known brand furniture dealer told reporters that although they have promotions, there are not many customers who have recently come to buy children's furniture. In the furniture sales area of ​​Yiwu Trade City in the urban area, Mr. Bai, who lives in Shuangzhuang Town of the city, saw a number of shops and eventually did not purchase. It turned out that he also learned that the standard of children's furniture is about to be implemented. He wants to wait any longer, hoping to buy more affordable furniture.

There are also many people who are not aware of the imminent implementation of children's furniture standards. Mr. Liu, who is about to move into a new home, told reporters that he had moved into a new house and wanted to buy a new piece of furniture for his 6-year-old daughter. When he learned that the new standard for children's furniture would be implemented, he also said that he would wait until the implementation. "When buying children's furniture, we should first pay attention to whether there are toxic and harmful substances, and secondly pay attention to the details such as the edges and corners. The new national standard for children's furniture makes the furniture industry more detailed, but also helps children's health, or wait until August. Buy it," said Mr. Liu.

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