UPM Rafsec's second-generation inline antennas work

UPM Rafsec is the Finnish designer and manufacturer of RFID embedded products, claiming that its product oneTenna EPC Gen 2 embedded antenna is now commercially viable. It uses a new antenna, OneTenna, which is said to be able to replace it in June. There are already four products (see Rafsec Set to Produce Gen 2 Inlays). This design provides five different chip arrangements that can be used in the 868-870 MHz band in Europe, the 902-928 MHz band in the United States, and the 950 in Japan. The 956 MHz band. The company said that the location of the two integrated circuits left is used to eliminate the harmonics generated by products embedded in plastics on the European or American markets. Rafsec is using a Gen 2 Monza chip produced by Seattle and testing integrated circuits from other manufacturers. The company will provide samples for its users and partners from July, and will increase its production capacity, reaching several million per month from October. Rafsec will also continue to produce its EPC Gen 1 Class 1 tag because there is still a large demand for such tags, especially in North America. The company has not leaked information on the price of new products.

Source: RFID Radio Express

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