Carton die-cutting issues in large inventory - pressure instability

Die-cutting pressure is unstable, scrap cannot be cut off

In the process of die-cutting and indentation, if the scrap can be cut off and cannot be completely cut off, this phenomenon is also common in production. The main reasons for this are: the equipment precision is not high, and the pressurizing mechanism strokes each time Inconsistent, there are differences in the pressure; the die-cutting layout is large, the pressure of the steel knife and steel wire layout is difficult to fully take into account, so that the pressure is uneven and unstable, the pressure is likely to fluctuate when die-cutting; the rubber strip is over-tightened, over Thickness, and material elasticity is unstable, resulting in a large working resistance of the pressure-compressing mechanism, and the pressure is unstable: the four sides of the die-cutting plate are not square, there is an oblique edge, and the plateau is prone to bowing after being fastened, so that the pressure During the process, the local layout of the steel knife changes.

Source of information "Corrugated carton" 2005 (3)

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