Detailed description of luxury hardcover - processing technology (2)

2 Rolling port operation and requirements

Rolling mouth operation process: book, light, background color (aluminum can not be on the background color), sticking materials, paving materials, hot roller heating, rolling sticky mouth and so on.


The cut book block is clamped with a clipper, and the notch of the notch is flush with the edge of the clip of the clipper.


After the book block is clamped, use a lighting tool (or a lighter wheel) to smooth the surface of the incision that needs to be rolled. There should be no unevenness. After the light passes, clean the cuts with a soft fabric. Do not leave any fibers on the cuts.

c. coating material

The primer coating is also called undercoat color, and its function is to make up for the appearance of trachoma and exposed bottom in hot materials.

During the operation, first dilute the yellow base material (hot gold) or the gray base material (hot silver) with clean water to the desired color, and then put it into the first formula to be evenly mixed and then use the soft material (wool). Brush or long-fiber absorbent cotton, apply a thin layer of light from the middle of the book incision to the bottom material. Immediately after the natural drying, stick the material (aluminum can not paint), and then continue the operation of the next process .

Operation requirements: the color of the base material should be the same as the color of the hot material; the material should not be too much, so as not to spill and contaminate other incisions, it should not be too little; the base material must be dried before coating the adhesive.

d. Coated material

After the primer is dry, the adhesive can be applied. The role is to enable gold foil (or anodized aluminum) firmly bonded to the incision, to ensure durability does not fall off.

During operation, apply the second and third-party liquid materials on the side of the book block with a soft brush or absorbent cotton padded, and apply a layer from the middle of the incision to both ends. Do not apply it to the opposite side during application. 〔When the material to be adhered is evenly coated, the hot material used shall be spread on the incision and used for hot rolling operation immediately. For example, hot-rolled aluminum may be used to directly apply the adhesive used for the aluminum foil. The method is the same as above.

Operation requirements: The used formula data is qualified and the viscosity is appropriate; smearing should not be too much, thin and even, without spilling; it does not stick (it is opened immediately) after rolling hot gold mouth, and it cannot be dropped off due to the problem of sticking material.


There are currently three methods for rolling the mouth of gold. The first one is accomplished by using a rolling machine (both imported and homemade). The process is: clamping, lighting, sticking, spreading, and bronzing; The two are completed with a stamping machine (flattening), that is, a few book cores are clamped with a special clip board clip, light coated with adhesive material, hot material, put hot stamping machine hot plate Next, the hot stamped aluminum is adhered to the incision under a certain pressure; the third is to clamp the book with a clamping plate (manual type); after being heated with a special roll, it is rolled on the book block incision to make it sticky. Knot.

With a hot roll hot and hot plate press, the temperature is generally heated to about 80 °C, hand-hot roll by the use of two kinds of temperature, the first hot roll temperature is generally 40-50 °C, the role is to stick to the hot material On the incision; the second hot roll temperature is generally about 90 °C, the role is to roll the gold mouth firmly and shiny) the second time the hot speed faster, in the golden mouth quickly rolling back and forth until the golden mouth shine .

Figure 6-1 Manual roll cover clip board

1. Book holder (or book holder) 2. Book block with the front mouth clamped upwards

After removing the gold mouth, take out the book block, open it and check if it is firm, and after the pass, complete the operation

Operation requirements: a. When the book block is clamped, the size of the clamp plate must not be the slightest error (refer to the clamping surface); b. The paving material specification meets the requirements, and its area is the same as that of the roll-off port section, so that the incision is not exposed. Prevail (the red gold foil is used for laying double layers); C. Rolling gold mouth surface should be uniform and the temperature must meet the requirements;

(to be continued)


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