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New products for printing and dyeing auxiliaries that need to be developed today are new adhesives for paint printing. In recent years, foreign efforts have been devoted to the search for new binders, that is, blends of two or more polymers, interpenetrating their molecular chains, and linking them into a network structure through chemical bonds, which are both emulsion polymerization and cross-linking. Interpenetrating polymer networks. This new type of adhesive has more excellent performance, and has improved abrasion resistance, water resistance, tensile strength, and adhesive ability. It is not yellowed, has good elasticity, and is not sticky. It solves problems such as hand feeling and fastness. And meet the environmental protection requirements, is the auxiliary plant needs to develop the product.

In addition, environmentally friendly coating adhesives, polyester dyeing agents for ultra-fine denier fibers, new amino silicone softeners, spandex elastic filament spinning oils and silicone oil removers, wool fabric durable press finishing agents, and soy Fiber dyeing deepener, Soybean fiber blended fabric dyeing leveling agent, energy-saving, water-saving, simplification process auxiliaries, wool low-temperature dyeing auxiliaries, polyester fabric dyeing reduction cleaning auxiliaries, room temperature detergents, cotton cloth direct dyeing auxiliaries And new types of carriers are all new products developed.

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