The beauty of packaging is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

The contents of packaging beauty mainly include the following aspects:

(1) The Unity of External Beauty and Inner Beauty

The internal beauty of a product refers to the product quality—external beauty refers to the appearance. A best-selling product, it must be the unity of the inner and outer beauty, such as the well-known Moutai, its quality is legendary, coupled with the unique shape of the bottle, so that it is a perfect harmony and unity. If you emphasize one side, this product is difficult to sell well. If a factory has a brand product "monkey king tea", the quality is good, the packaging is beautiful, causing the factory to covet. However, the tea quality of this factory is not high, so they try to imitate the Monkey King tea packaging, making it difficult to distinguish the true and false monkey king. Not only does it infringe trademark law, but because of the quality, it is difficult to open up the market. Therefore, in order to make a product sell well, we must first focus on the inner beauty and make the inner beauty unite with the outer beauty.

(2) The Unity of Image Beauty and Image Beauty

Imagery belongs to the subjective category, and the image belongs to the objective category. The beauty of imagery is the unity of love and things. It is the expression of subjective feelings expressed through artistic images. Through the symbolic design means of those imagery feelings, it expresses certain artistic conceptions that cannot be conveyed by illustration. The beauty of image is the unity of shape and divineness. Through the concrete or abstract expression of things, the shape and the godlike unity are achieved. The image and image of packaging design are unified in the image of the product. Through the modeling and design, the image of the product achieves the unity of image beauty and image beauty, showing the inherent quality of the product, and the internal quality is reflected by the image and imagery.

(3) The unity of beauty and beauty

Decorative beauty means that the shape and decoration of the package should be pleasing to the eye and artistically attractive. The application of beauty means that the package should be easy to use and comfortable, and it is an organic combination of aesthetic value and applicable value. It is the unity of beauty and use. If you only pay attention to decorative beauty, ignoring its applicability, the packaging is difficult for people to appreciate, such as some pillow-shaped packaging candy, the packaging is beautiful, but because the plastic film is very flexible and difficult to tear, the original beauty has disappeared; Conversely, ignoring the packaging of decorative beauty, and other functions are complete, it is difficult to arouse interest. People must be satisfied with the beauty in life, and they must also be satisfied with the beauty of decoration in their feelings. The two can complement each other to form a good package.

(4) The Unification of Popular Beauty and Personality Beauty

Popularity reflects the trend of the times and the spirit of the times. It is the inevitable result of human freshness. Packaging reflects freshness through novel shapes, compositions, colors, etc., reflecting the beauty, which is once accepted by the public. , that is to become popular beauty, it can be said that popular beauty is a common understanding of people, however, the popular thing is a reflection of a common nature, often lack of features, that is, the lack of personality, such packaging is inevitably flowed into the general. For example, flexible packaging is a popular packaging. When using such packaging, if it highlights certain personalities, such as styling, color, etc., it will have a freshness in the fashion. This combination of popular beauty and individuality will make packaging extremely attractive.

The importance of packaging and the significance of the agreed packaging conditions

There are many kinds of products, and their characteristics and shapes are different. Therefore, their requirements for packaging are also different. Except for a few commodities that are difficult to pack, they are not worth packing, or they are not necessary at all, but they are bare or bulk. Most of the commodities need proper packaging. Commodity packaging is the continuation of commodity production. Only commodities that need to be packaged can be regarded as the completion of the production process through packaging. Products can enter the circulation and consumption fields before they can realize the value and value of the products. This is because packaging is an important measure to protect the integrity and quantity of goods in the circulation process. Some commodities may not even leave packaging at all. It becomes an inseparable unity with packaging. The appropriately packaged goods are not only convenient for transportation, handling, handling, storage, storage, inventory, listing and carrying, but are not lost or stolen, providing convenience for all parties. In the current fierce competition in the international market, many countries regard improving packaging as one of the important means for strengthening export. Because good packaging can not only protect the goods, but also can promote and beautify the goods, increase the value of the goods, and attract customers. , Expand sales, increase selling prices, and to a certain extent show the scientific, cultural and artistic level of exporting countries. In view of the importance of packaging, production companies and sales departments should work together to make packaging work, so that the packaging of China's export goods meet the requirements of scientific, economic, solid, beautiful, marketable and multi-income earning. In addition, in the international sale of goods, packaging is also an important part of the description of the goods, packaging conditions is a major condition in the sale and purchase contract, according to the provisions of the laws of certain countries, such as the goods delivered by the seller unconditional packaging, or goods The packaging is inconsistent with the industry practice. The buyer has the right to reject the goods. If the goods are packaged in the agreed manner, but they are mixed with other goods, the buyer can reject the goods that violate the agreed package, or even reject the whole batch of goods. goods. From this point of view, it is of great significance to do a good job of packing and packing according to the agreed conditions.

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