Carton design process and key points analysis (below)

When it is determined that the conditions of the various design inputs can meet the design, these conditions need to be analyzed and sorted out (transport warehousing, delivery time, circulation time, product characteristics/size, weight and special requirements), acceptance criteria, box type Structures, patterns, colors, etc. First of all, determine whether the designed carton focuses on the transport carton or the sales carton:

Ø Sales-type cartons belong to the category of commercial packaging, focusing on the appearance of the carton and the requirements of the printing process that need to be taken into account when designing;

Ø Transport-type cartons belong to the category of industrial packaging, and more need to consider the carton compression, shock and so on. Because of its repeated use, it also needs to consider the efficiency of packing and the production efficiency of the factory.

When it is determined that the design of a transport-type carton or a sales-type carton, as well as carton packaging between the two, is required, carton design can be started.

A specific idea needs to be completed by the designer. This not only requires the structural designer to grasp this knowledge and information in a timely manner, but also needs the ability to think in space. According to the information collected by the customer survey, the carton box type and size will be further determined. The selection of box type and size will be based on the following conditions:

The box type of the carton is determined according to the sales type carton or the transport type carton (also the customer has specified the structure of the carton).

Determine the size of the carton:

Ø characteristics of the contents (size, weight, center of gravity, arrangement, etc.);

Ø Determine the inner size of the carton;

Ø Determine the outer dimensions of the carton (especially when using a pallet or container);

Ø Determine the manufacturing size of the carton.

Once the dimensions are determined, compression, stacking calculations, and mating can be performed. Calculate the compressive and stacking strength according to the calculation formula:

Compressive strength calculation formula: P=KG(3/h-1)×9.8

Stacking strength calculation: Pi=KG(3/h-1)

Calculate the side pressure strength and the ring pressure strength of the paper by the reverse reasoning of the compressive strength stacking strength, and select the corrugated box and the version code according to the size and content weight of the GB6543-86, and then check the box type for resistance to breakage. Strength, side pressure strength, puncture strength, bond strength and other data; using the Keli Carter formula to calculate the cardboard material. It should be noted that whether or not the carton box is opened, the temperature of the circulation environment is moderate, and the position of the printing, the pressure of the printing and the die-cutting force will affect the result, so the calculation must be considered comprehensive.

After all the conditions are met, you can use the drawing software to draw and proof the carton structure. From the completion of proofing to sample production, this is a process involving the most people and the most tedious process; therefore, it is required in this link:

Ø As far as possible, all relevant personnel in the relevant departments can communicate with each other to prevent mistakes caused by delays in the handover of processes and to reduce ergonomics or unclear handover;

Ø Use scientific processes and standards to manage and comply with its implementation;

Ø The connection between workplaces can use “work contact list”. Written documents can be used for review of various processes and confirmation of samples, so that feedback on more design materials and opinions can be obtained.

Ø Using a one-to-one approach with one client and one designer, you can understand the potential requirements of your customers more comprehensively, and you can communicate well with relevant people during internal handover or review.

When the designer handed the design artwork to the proofing personnel, the design of the product needs to be carefully examined. If the conditions permit, the designer should directly participate in the proofing, so that the design product can be improved in time, especially in the details of the improvement.

Because the strength of the carton is reduced due to various aspects of the production process during the actual production process, the performance of the carton is directly related to the distribution of the carton and the type of the box. When dealing with this issue, on the one hand, it is necessary to refer to the previous data of the company's database, and on the other hand, it is necessary to continuously collect the strength gap between the proofing products and the products produced by die-cutting. Then through comprehensive consideration to determine whether the strength of the carton can meet the requirements. In terms of process review, designers need to be able to understand the maximum production capacity of the company's internal equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to communicating with field workers in peacetime. Designers need to learn as much as possible about this knowledge, or a design that takes a lot of time may be redesigned because the equipment cannot be produced. If the designer does not understand the process knowledge, he or she can directly submit it to the technologist after the design is completed. Because the performance of all aspects of the carton test needs to be considered during the process review, the technologist should repeat the work for a few more times. Now. If the process is verified and the design meets the relevant requirements, it can be confirmed to the customer. Only when the customer approves, can it be manufactured. If you do not meet the requirements, you must repeat this process to redesign or modify.

When the mold is completed, sampled or produced in batches and used by customers, no matter whether the craftsman or designer must track the product, they must timely collect the relevant production information and feedback from various parties, and input various data into the company database. . The data in the database allows designers to review this information at any time during the entire design process. In this way, the design that is better and more in line with the customer's requirements can be created, creating opportunities for mutual benefit with customers.

In the above, we briefly discussed some basic issues in the process of structural design. It is indeed not easy to design a product that satisfies the customer. Therefore, not only does the designer require continuous innovation in the work, but it also requires the organization to constantly adjust the process to adapt to the changing environment inside and outside. As a more ambitious work, not only designing products for customers, but also requiring designers to guide the entire carton packaging users. Because the designer of a carton carton is certainly much more knowledgeable than a carton user in carton packaging information, when the user’s requirements are not very reasonable, practical, and economical, the designer must try to communicate with the customer and recommend them to them. The product packaging method allows the customer to change some of the inherent views on the carton packaging, so this may give the carton design development a greater market space.

Source: Global corrugated box industry

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