Recovery rate constrains the application of plastic bottles

According to Paul Smith, Coca-Cola's European environmental manager, if the recycling rate of plastic bottles is still not high by 2008, packaging manufacturers will consider using plastic as the packaging material.

Smith believes that if the British plastic bottle recycling rate still stays at the current level, it will give the public an impression that plastic cannot be recycled. From this point of view, glass and metal have advantages over plastics, which cannot but say that it will exert great pressure on the plastics industry. Coca-Cola companies now use recycled plastics to blow and fill PET bottles. Coca-Cola hopes to continue to choose the most suitable packaging material, but if the plastic recycling material can not be reused, it will prompt the manufacturer to make a decision to abandon the plastic. The British government's goal in 2008 is that the plastic recovery rate is 0.5% higher than the 2002 level. , And glass recovery plan to increase 27%, metal recovery rate increased by 10%.

Smith blamed the state of waste plastics recycling infrastructure in the UK and did not have enough plastic bottle recycling systems to accommodate and support its growing domestic plastic bottle recycling business.

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