Odystar Next Generation Packaging Printing Workflow

In addition to successfully launching ArtPro and Nexus prepress systems, Artwork Systems has also developed a new version of Odystar for the packaging industry. A smart plug-in, inPDF, is released with Odystar 2.5, which enables Adobe Illustrator software to be freely used in the PDF 1.5 environment.

In drupa 2004, the Odystar workflow was introduced into the business/publishing market. Since then, Odystar has earned a good reputation for its ease of use and effectiveness in improving prepress work efficiency. The new version developed for packaging manufacturers is a natural development of the previous version, which complements the existing features of ArtPro and Nexus software. Jan Ruysschaert, Head of Sales, Europe Region, Artwork Systems, said: “ArtPro has become a standard packaged prepress production software that has been used by more than 9,000 users worldwide. The Nexus is a very popular digital workflow. We are increasingly discovering that it will be an important product for us in the coming years. The Nexus is professionally versatile and it is designed for complex jobs, such as jobs that incorporate a large number of editorial work at various stages of India and India."

“However, most of the requirements for prepress work for packaging are simple, as long as there are standard templates plus as few changes as possible. This new version of Odystar is designed to help packaging companies automate their workflows, and Odystar can significantly reduce the number of employees, production time and mistakes made by commercial customers, and bring greater benefits to packaging companies."

Odystar is a highly automated digital workflow that does not require a high level of operator skills. The system can be easily integrated with RIPs and workflows provided by other manufacturers, converting existing output devices— proofers, imagesetters, and platesetters—to PDF 1.5 compatible devices. Odystar, which runs on the Macintosh OSX system platform, is a true PDF 1.5 workflow that provides a range of automated prepress tools including: preflight, correction, advanced trapping, continuous exposure, proofing, screening, and printing.

Artwork Systems has worked with Odystar and Gateway to make it versatile for use in PDF format. For example: Although prepress gateways enable flexible conversion of elements (text to image, overprint, Pantone), there are still many proofing direct drivers (Sherpa, Epson, HP) and specific FTP output devices. The Merge Separation Gateway accepts PDF separation files and converts them to a composite PDF before remerging.

"Obviously, we see JDF as an important technology. The 'JDF-to-PDF Gateway' recognizes JDF imposition files from the imposition front-end system and can save them in PDF format," explains Mr. Ruysschaert. : "Odystar integrates a continuous lighting editor that enables users to create JDF templates. For highly complex print jobs, operators can use ArtPro or PowerLayout's Continuous Light function to work."

Because no additional preflight operations are required at this stage, operators can greatly increase security and increase productivity by entering Certified PDF 1.4/1.5 data into the workflow. Odystar 2.5 is equipped with Enfocus's latest Certified PDF 1.4/1.5 library, so all relevant preflight, approval and correction functions are available.

Shuttle Technology, a bridge for information exchange

Shuttle technology enables the exchange of information between front-end applications and SOAP-based (Simple Object Access Protocol) workflows. With Shuttle technology, operators can control the job parameters, and any workstation can submit and restore jobs.

"A typical situation is: An Artwork system company's customers may have 5 to 10 Mac terminal computers installed ArtPro, but at the same time he also has more than 20 computers installed Illustrator, PhotoShop, Quark Xpress and other software, now we This allows more than 20 computers to access Shuttle communications software. This new Shuttle technology can also be used as a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, allowing operators to access their software of choice at any time."

Smart inPDF plugin

Artwork Systems expects that about 80% of the packaging design will be done by Adobe Illustrator CS. Therefore, the company developed a smart plug-in called inPDF that enhances the exchange of Illustrator files with PDF prepress files. In addition, the company can provide local franchises so that customers can only pay for one software and install it on any number of computers.

This new plug-in allows users to retain both the power of Illustrator and the advantages of operating in a PDF environment, which is both a fish and a bear. A problem that can occur when you convert Illustrator files into PDF files is that when converting the converted PDF files back, information such as layers, groups, text, or image links may be lost. Some editing tools (such as brushes, gallery, panels) may no longer be available.

When the file is modified in the PDF environment, the InPDF plug-in can save the functionality of Illustrator without losing the job information by masking off the editing capabilities of Illustrator. The inPDF plugin enables the operator to open PDF documents from other prepress editors and workflows (eg, ArtPro, Nexus, and Odystar), including documents not created by Illustrator; edit and save as Illustrator files. This new plug-in recognizes PDF 1.5 documents—including the pre-pressed device N color space—and converts it into an editable Illustrator print without losing all layer, group, and image link information. .

Advanced trapping technology

Odystar's trapping capability is based on an advanced four-step trapping process that preserves all of the PDF 1.4 transparency effects without the need for planarization. Now, Artwork Systems has further improved the functionality of the new version of Odystar. Trapping is based on the ink library to distinguish between opaque inks, white inks, lacquers, and specialty inks. Trapping of PDF documents can be achieved by layering or segmenting Certified PDF documents. These layers or segments can be additionally saved. Because trapped or trapped PDF files use the new inPDF plug-in to enhance Illustrator's PDF processing, trapped print jobs can be restored to Adobe Illustrator.

market expectation

"We think that the main market of Odystar 2.5 is initially to existing customers, because one of the advantages of Odystar 2.5 is that it can interact with ArtPro and Nexus and mutually beneficial," said Mr. Ruysschaert: "For example: If a printing factory is processing A partially complex simple print job, the operator uses a highly complex continuous drying tool in the front-end application software (such as ArtPro, PowerLayout or PowerStepper) to process the complex parts. After processing, the Odystar system automatically collects the data. Then, the work The process will continue to complete the rest of India."

In addition to existing users, Artwork Systems believes that Odystar 2.5's ease of use, low installation cost, and high efficiency make it attractive to the general packaging market. The inPDF plug-in has obtained a local network license, priced at about 32,000 euros, and packaging printers can purchase Odystar software. Existing users (whether commercial or packaging printing) can easily upgrade to version 2.5 and enjoy the benefits of the new tools.

Source: "Global Box Industry"

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