Waste plastic bottles recycling prices go down

After the US debt crisis in August, commodity prices, including plastic pellets, plummeted. The recovery prices of many recycling companies and "Blank King" beverage bottles in the Daocheng city have also dropped from 0.1 yuan to 0.03 yuan, which has plummeted by more than 70%, making the buyers feel sad. The reporter learned that the drop in the price of beverage bottles was mainly due to the fact that the price of cotton dropped by 30%. Manufacturers who originally used chemical fiber materials switched to cotton materials, resulting in a sharp drop in demand and falling prices. At the same time, the amount of imports of plastics from the United States and South Korea to China has also dropped significantly.

Demand drastically reduces the price of plastic bottles

Liang Liang, manager of the recycling company of the development zone, believes that the price drop of plastic bottles is mainly affected by the US market. The company's plastic bottles are mainly crushed into pellets and exported to the United States and South Korea. Now the market is not good, and the company has accumulated a lot of beverages. bottle. “Let's take a look at the market. If it does not rise for a week, then it will only be sold.” When the price rises, the public has been reluctant to sell, waiting to continue to rise, the price dropped but the transaction volume has increased.
One year bottle only for two bottles of cola

One year more than 200 drink bottles sold for 7 yuan, or even buy 3 bottles of Coke. Yesterday, Mr. Wang, who lives on Songling Road, had sold a sack of beverage bottles for 7 years at home. “It used to be a dime, but now it has fallen to 3 cents, and prices are getting higher and higher. It is worth noting that some drink bottles are sold at a low price.” “Beverage bottles cut prices and beverages actually increase prices. Recently, many people have reported that Coke prices have risen more than before: “In the past, small bottles were loaded with 2.5 yuan, but these days have risen. It was 2.7 yuan."

The reporter learned from a waste recycling company in the development zone that the waste beverage bottle had “falled off” in the past two days. Last week, the price of beverage bottles was still at 6800/ton, but now it has dropped to 5000/ton, and the price has fallen by 26%. Recently, the prices of copper and aluminum have also been falling. Originally, more than 60,000 yuan per ton of copper now fell to 57,000 yuan per ton. Concerned that prices fell again, some recycling companies are now afraid to regain copper.

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