Dezhou Quality Supervision Promotes Ningjin Furniture Industry Optimization

Recently, Dezhou's first alliance standard "solid wood dining table, dining chair" was released. This marks a solid step for Ningjin County's traditional industries to implement standardization strategies and promote optimization and upgrading.

In recent years, the furniture industry in Ningjin County has developed vigorously. It has been jointly named as “Hometown of Chinese Tables and Chairs” by China National Light Industry Association and China Furniture Association. It is one of the largest solid wood furniture production bases in China. At present, Ningjin County has 2,915 furniture production and processing enterprises, 55 enterprises above designated size, and employs 45,000 people; the annual output of tables and chairs is 8 million sets, accounting for 30% of the market share north of the Yangtze River.

As early as 2004, the quality supervision departments of Dezhou City and Ningjin County improved the quality of Ningjin furniture products, solved the problem of high cost and inconvenience of enterprises going out for inspection, and invested 400,000 yuan to set up a furniture testing center. The county furniture enterprises provide inspection and testing services. At present, the center can carry out many services such as furniture testing, product development, information services, personnel training, and export demonstration. Perfect testing projects and high-quality testing services have effectively guaranteed a significant improvement in the overall quality of the industry. In 2009, Ningjin County was named as the high-quality production base of furniture products in Shandong Province by the provincial government, and became one of the first batch of 24 provincial-level high-quality production bases in Shandong Province, effectively enhancing the popularity and market competitiveness of Ningjin Furniture.

With the accelerating pace of industrial development, although the product grade and domestic and international market share have been greatly improved, but some problems that cannot be ignored are also highlighted. The problem of small production scale and weak brand awareness is still restricted to some extent. The development of the industry. "Synchronization with the government and development with the enterprise" can't stay on the verbal or paper side, and must be implemented in a down-to-earth manner. With the development of the situation, what kind of services do companies need to provide, we will provide The service and the form and content of the service must keep pace with the times." Guo Ping, director of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Dezhou City, said this more than once. On the basis of full investigation and argumentation, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau held a special office meeting to form a unified ideological understanding: to seek the right to speak in the wood furniture industry, improve the industry entry barrier, optimize the industrial chain, and establish and upgrade the region. Brand image must have a unified alliance standard.

In September last year, in line with the tenet of “strengthening self-discipline of the industry, enhancing exchanges and cooperation, and highlighting the manufacturing of Texas”, the Dezhou Quality Supervision Bureau and the Ningjin County Quality Supervision Bureau and the Ningjin County Furniture Association proposed the establishment of alliance standards to the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau. The application for "solid wood dining table and dining chair" was jointly organized by Shandong Depufeng Furniture Co., Ltd. and Shandong Deke Furniture Co., Ltd. and other leading enterprises in the wood furniture industry.

With the help of the municipal and county quality supervision departments, the standard specifies the test methods, inspection rules, packaging marks, transportation and storage, and instructions for use of solid wood dining tables and dining chairs. A separate, movable dining table and dining chair for indoor dining in a home or business setting. In order to improve the "gold content" of the alliance standard, some indicators in the standard are higher than the national standards and industry standards.

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