The cottage version of "Gossip Girl" style makeup exposure Lei dead!

Mango Taiwan can be said to be the remake of the king, but every time the remake will attract countless people to smash the street, the last remake of "Hyatt Pearl", provoked countless people complaining, this time again remake the American drama "Gossip Girl", I heard that the fast men and women The main characters in the play, many people have said that they are unacceptable. In the post of "Gossip Girl", the netizens cover the remake, let us make the cottage version of "Gossip Girl" how to scare the makeup!

The cottage version of "Gossip Girl" style makeup

Cottage version (on) original (below)

Zhao Zhuo Na played Queen B sexy big wave where to go?

The cottage version of "Gossip Girl" style makeup

Zhao Zhuona plays Queen B, Queen B temperament is completely gone, giving people the feeling of being a little sister next door, the makeup is elegant and quiet, and the temperament Queen B is not in perfect match.
Tan Lina plays the role of little J in the charming smoked cottage

The cottage version of "Gossip Girl" style makeup

Character characteristics: 14-year-old Jenny, the heart is much more mature than the actual age. Compared with the descendants of the Upper East Side, her family is very general, but she is sensitive to the sense of fashion, and she is extremely scheming. She worships the golden circle and uses the techniques of seduce.
Comments: Tan Lina smoked makeup looks like a cottage, she also played a small Jenny, extremely speechless.
Mango Taiwan version of "Gossip Girl" highlights rude and refined temperament

The cottage version of "Gossip Girl" style makeup

In addition to the above three full-fledged heroines, Mango "Gossip Girl" has created four "small and sorrowful". It is said that Mango Taiwan has spent a lot of money on these four people. In addition to the same color in the hair, the hair, scissors, hot and dyed have their own characteristics. However, from the point of view of the fixed makeup, these four people are not the same heavyweight as the original Nate, Chuck, and Dun.

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