Magical smoked makeup this summer

Smoky makeup has always been a myth of fashion T-stage, it can create a strong sense of distance and fashion. In the summer, the makeup artists took the black theme and got inspiration from the sci-fi movies, creating a few mysterious, cool and sexy makeup.
Magic makeup one: gold compass

Magical smoked makeup

Stylist: CLAIRE BLAVET (Chanel) Credit: Black Jacket (Chanel)
The four-color eye shadow is mainly used, and the thick black is used as the base color to be applied to the upper and lower eyelids respectively; the silver gray is used for the outer edge of the entire eye makeup, and is mixed with white to be brightened at the brow bone; Then apply a golden eye shadow. Applying the wet eye shadow brush and then applying it can make the color of the eye shadow higher. Then draw a black eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes, and the lower eyeliner should be carefully drawn. Finally, apply a thick black eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye to enhance the black charm, and apply a thick black mascara repeatedly on the eyelashes. The low-key mahogany blush on the cheeks balances the intense eye makeup; the overall makeup has only one sparkle.
Magic Makeup II: The Matrix

Magical smoked makeup

Stylist: Thibault Vabre (Clarins)
The blend of purple and black collides with dazzling elegance, and the eye makeup is finished with a deep purple eye shadow, and the black eye shadow is used to outline the outer contour of the eye, which is full of modernity. Use a lot of deep purple mascara and black eyeliner to enhance the concentration of eye makeup, and then choose an eyebrow pencil similar to the hair color to emphasize the eyebrow shape. The deep purple color of the radiance makes the lips and the eyes shine together to achieve perfect harmony.
Magic Makeup III: Catwoman

Magical smoked makeup

Stylist: Gaelle March (Dior) Credit: Sprougs Freres
The richly smoky eye makeup is made up of three different shades of coffee metallic eye shadow: the deepest black is applied to the outermost edge of the eye, while the black eyeliner and a large amount of black mascara are used to enhance the stereoscopicity of the eye makeup. From the top of the cheekbones, a semi-circular pattern is used to sweep the shiny brown blush. Finally, apply a chocolate lip gloss to give the lips a natural color.

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