The Inevitable Choice of Modern Scientific Research Teaching in Digital Laboratory

China Education Equipment Purchasing Network News: The GQY digital laboratory system is a product developed for educational informatization reform, and is an indispensable experimental equipment for the national new curriculum reform and Shanghai's second-phase curriculum reform.

The basic construction mode of the digital laboratory system includes: supporting teaching aids, sensors, graphic data collectors, and software. The digital laboratory system uses sensors to measure experimental data; uses a data collector to collect experimental data; uses a computer to analyze the experimental data and obtain experimental results; uses supporting teaching aids to achieve more efficient experiments; uses the network to manage the teaching of the entire digital laboratory . The digital laboratory system has promoted the progress of physics, chemistry, and biological experiment teaching.

GQY has joined forces with the Teaching Instrument Research Institute of the Ministry of Education to comprehensively provide physical, chemical, and biological digital laboratory solutions. Wireless technology is applied between sensors, data collectors, and computers, and there are many supporting teaching aids. All software and hardware equipment of GQY digital laboratory solutions have reached the international advanced level. Among them, the original handheld host design not only facilitates the experimental operation of the students, but also saves a lot of money for the school (the entire laboratory only needs one PC); in addition, a variety of original data transmission methods (including USB transmission, Ethernet transmission , Wireless network transmission), allowing users to completely get rid of the troubles of system integration, wiring, etc .; completely independent research and development, open interface, can be tailored to change for you; hand-held host fool design full Chinese menu operation, easy to learn and easy Use, there is no need to worry about having to receive a lot of complicated training to operate the equipment.

In addition, the powerful digital laboratory management and data analysis software in the GQY digital laboratory solution brings the concept of management into the laboratory for the first time, and proposes a new concept of digital laboratory, which not only truly realizes the interaction between students and teachers It is convenient for teachers to guide students, and allows teachers to control the entire laboratory with a click of the mouse.

Advantages of GQY Digital Lab

First, abandon traditional experimental tools such as balances, spring load cells, and timers that have relatively large measurement errors, completely liberate students, reduce cumbersome data processing, and thus focus more on experimental analysis itself;

Second, obtain experimental data quickly and accurately. The digital laboratory system will greatly shorten the time used for experiments, and the data obtained is more accurate and intuitive.

Third, the digital laboratory system has got rid of the computer constraints of the student terminal, which can enable more students to use the student terminal and do experiments by themselves, so as to enhance the student's practical ability and better achieve the experimental purpose.

Fourth, it is possible to make experiments that are difficult to achieve using traditional experimental methods. Under traditional experimental conditions, the measurement of friction can only be "demonstrated" on the blackboard.

Now, using sensors to collect data, subtle changes in friction can be instantly displayed on the computer screen. "Experimental measurement of centripetal force in conical motion", "analysis of force during collision" and many other experiments that could not be done in middle school in the past can be easily done using digital experiment systems. This has a very strong practicability for physical, chemical and biological experiments in universities, middle schools and primary schools.

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