Pregnant women who take folic acid have a reduced risk of language development

Pregnant women taking folic acid may reduce the risk of language developmental delay

According to a study published in the October 12th issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, in Norway, those women who took folic acid supplements within 4 weeks before conception and 8 weeks after conception appeared at the age of 3 The risk of severe language delay is reduced.

Christine Roth, M.Sc., Clin.Psy.D. and his colleagues at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Oslo conducted a study to investigate whether mothers taking folic acid supplements will be severe with their children at the age of 3 The risk of language development is reduced. The researchers wrote: "Unlike the United States, Norway has not added fortified folic acid to food, which makes the difference in relative folate concentration in women who take or not take folic acid supplements larger." Pregnant women were recruited to This study, which began in 1999, included data on children born before 2008, whose mothers returned the three-year follow-up questionnaire to them before June 16, 2010.

The main analysis of the study included data for 38,954 children (of which 9,9956 were boys and 18,998 were girls). Of these children, 204 (0.5%) were classified as suffering from severe language developmental delay (159 boys [0.8%] and 45 girls [0.2%].) Those mothers took folic acid during a specific period Children who did not take folic acid supplements were classified as a control group (n = 9052 people [24.0%], 81 of whom [0.9%] suffered from severe language development). The data of the three modes of mothers taking food supplements are: taking other supplements but not taking folic acid (n = 2480 [6.6%], 22 children developed severe language developmental delay [0.9%]); only Taking folic acid (n = 7127 [18.9%], 28 children developed severe language developmental delay [0.4%]); folic acid plus other supplements (n = 19005 [50.5%], 73 children appeared Severe language developmental delay [0.4%]).

The researchers wrote that mothers taking supplements containing folic acid from 4 weeks before conception to 8 weeks after conception were associated with a significant reduction in their children ’s risk of developing severe language retardation at the age of three. "But we found that there was no relationship between a mother taking folic acid supplements and a significant delay in the child's overall motor skills at the age of three. This specificity makes people feel a little relieved because it is not confused by an unmeasured factor. Such a factor was once expected to be related to delays in language and motor development. "

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