Godiva chocolate's seductive packaging

Godiva Chocolatier has produced a new chocolate candy series that allows consumers to taste the tempting taste of Godiva chocolate. In order to attract more chocolate lovers, the company chose a box made by FiberMark to give people a very luxurious feeling.

A brown bow tie is attached to the carton. The creamy texture of brown color hints at the rich flavor of chocolate candy and makes people feel immediately impulsive. The beautiful background of the box is gold foil embossed Godiva logo and orange red and magenta screen printing effect pattern.

Massoud Mansouri, Senior Artistic Director of Godiva, explained: “This package gives consumers a sense of sensory awareness. The materials chosen successfully convey the elegant and luxurious quality of Godiva Chocolate, enhance the product image and make it a good gift. ."

FiberMark's Iridescents by Corvon® case kits cleverly use the combination of color and depth to make the package shine slightly as it moves. This 7-inch material is available in 13 standard colors or matt-finished, including Polish, Weave, and Bengaline. Godiva's beider-dyed packaging material has a unique Bangla fabric style. The inside of the box is divided into small grids to hold each piece of coffee sugar. The flattened box is completed by Bennington Paperboard. Newman Paperboard's factory makes boxes.

While launching this new chocolate series, Godiva also produced Limited Edition chocolate candy with various unique flavors such as Mojito, Horachata, Thai Coconut, Caramel Solstice, Pabana, and Karibu. The Limited Edition box also uses Iridescents and uses various shades of red to emboss the circle shape. Both Godiva Truffles products are available in any of the Godiva stores and other luxury stores such as Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdale`s and Citarella Fine Foods. Its varieties include 36, 18, 8, 4 and 2 units.

Source: Packaging Expo

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