Disposable cap assembly for containers

Patent name Disposable cap combination for containers Patent applicants Georg Mengshen GmbH and Principal Applicant of the German company Fennentrop Inventor Martin Albez Application (Patent) No. 200380101826.7 Date of application 2003.10 .14 ​​Approval Date Approval Notice No. 1705590 Approval Notice Day 2005.12.07 Instruction CD-ROM D0549 Main Classification Number B65D41/04 Classification Number B65D41/04 Division Original Application No. 2002.10.21 DE 20216175.7 Abstract Container closure assembly , comprising a capping member (1) and a neck (3) of a container (2) or similar appliance having a pouring spout (5), said capping member being fitted on the neck with the pouring spout closed . The container closure assembly consists of a disposable closure assembly, ie, an expansion tab (1) on the closure member (1) that is positioned on a flange-upside-down position (7) of the neck (3) according to position. 15) has a radially outer dimension that is greater than the radial dimension of the limiting orifice of the flipped-up region of the lug. The expansion lug (15) can for example be embedded in an outlet (5) of the neck (3) and the lug lock-in (7) is provided in an outlet channel (4) in the neck. The expansion lug can resist a radial, resilient return force applied laterally on the side of the expansion lug or on the side of the lug lock-in portion to move out through the restriction orifice, but prevent movement back to the lug lock-in region. Sovereignty item 1. A container closure assembly comprising a closure member and a neck of a container or similar appliance having a spout, the closure member being mounted on the neck with the closure of the spout, The feature is that the container closure assembly is configured as a disposable closure assembly, wherein one of the closure members (1) is positioned on a tab-upside (7, 30) of the neck (3) according to a position. The expansion flange (15, 25) has a radially outer dimension which is designed to be larger than the radial dimension of the restriction orifice of the upside-down area of ​​the flange so that the expansion flange can resist a radial, at least, or The elastic restoring force exerted on the side of the flared flange or on the side of the upside-down side of the flange moves out through the restricting aperture, but prevents the movement back to the upside-down position of the flange. International Application 2003-10-14 PCT/EP2003/011387 International Publication 2004-05-06 WO2004/037669 De

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