Concise eye-catching Lijun sand box

Lijunsha's packaging is mainly green, giving people a refreshing, concise and eye-catching feel. Concise binding not only gives people a safe and reliable impression, but also stands out in the drug counters for easy identification. The box uses 250g gold enamel card coated single-sided yellow core white paperboard, paper stiffness is good, feel good, giving a thick, stiff feeling. The packaging box was offset printing, and the water-based varnishing was used to polish the moisture-proof and wear-resistant properties of the packaging box.

Custom Display Stands

It can provide products with no rules, no uniform shape and good placement, combined with the display around, so that your products can be displayed in front of people.

The advantage of Custom display stands
Easy to assemble 
Durable, portable
Original design, color printing
100% quality ensured 

Custom Display Stands

Custom Display Stands,Table Top Display Stand,Cardboard Table Display Stands,Food Display Stands

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