Mead produces Metatm system

The metatm system produced by Mead Company of the United States is a group of corrugated cardboard boxes made up of eight sides and an octagon. The corners are connected at 45o, used for the shelves of retail stores, attracting a large number of customers. The linerboard used outside the box is a preprinted boxboard that can be printed to six colors. The productivity of the meta cartons is three times that of conventional slotted cartons. It can produce 70 cartons per minute. The octagonal design makes the stacking strength of the meta carton higher than that of the square box. Stone Vessels introduced Cordeck Corrugated Flat Stone Containers, which is launched by Cordeck Flat Plates. This type of freight sheet produced from recycled paper is mainly used for the transportation of goods and solves the problems that are difficult to handle after the use of old flat plates.

In modern life, there are many kinds of sanitary ware, the column basin is a kind of modern basins for people to wash hands and face. In general, the design of the column basin is very simple, but we can hide the basin  fittings into the column, usually make people feel comfortable when  cleaning ,And  the body naturally stand in front of the basin when cleaning so the feeling will be  more convenience.

Column Washbasin

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