Leopard makeup makeup interpretation sexy

Leopard elements have always been popular in the fashion industry, and I can't think of a leopard craze in the makeup industry this summer. Masters of art have invariably incorporated leopard-print elements into their make-up items. Let's take a look at the sexy leopard makeup that makes you want to stop.
Helena/HR Cheetah Eyeliner

Leopard makeup

Reference price: 280 yuan Unique design makes this eyeliner extraordinary. It is made of advanced anti-oxidant formula and rich in vitamin E. The texture is silky and smooth, and it is easy to apply. The unique pearlescent particles make the eyes bright and moving, and the makeup is bright and lasting.
Dolce&Gabbana Animalier Bronzer repair powder

Leopard makeup

Reference price: $50 brown repair powder is the fastest and easiest way to create "fake" bronze for you, Dolce & Gabbana's "Animal Painter" leopard-like repair powder for the 2011 Fall Makeup Collection, It is set in a healthy wheat-colored skin that has been tested in a summer. Of course, as a repairing powder, it only needs to be used lightly on the cheeks and the wings of the nose during use, so that a good shadow effect can be produced to achieve the illusion of a small face.
Sisley Leopard Powder

Leopard makeup

Sisley launched a new plant-based skin care powder in August, which is fully blended with a natural plant-compatible skin care formula and is packaged in a leopard-print box.
Camellia oil and mallow and bodhi extracts gently protect skin and nourish texture. Rich in fine talcum powder, specially added with silicone coating (for a smoother makeup) + lecithin (moisturizing, softening, silky effect) to ensure the product is firm. The double-coated film technology locks in moisture to ensure that the skin is evenly colored and flawless throughout the day.
MAC animal print lipstick

Leopard makeup

Lipstick is always a woman's favorite make-up item. This season, MAC puts lipstick on a sexy wild animal print coat.

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