The industry and commerce department intervened to investigate environmentally friendly wallpapers without Chinese logo

Mr. Liu renovated the house and bought a wallpaper . The merchant said that this wallpaper is absolutely environmentally friendly. However, after the product was delivered to the home, Mr. Liu found that the wallpaper did not have a Chinese logo and was suspected to be a “three no” product. At present, the Zhifu Industrial and Commercial Department has been involved in the investigation.

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On March 1st, Mr. Liu bought a wallpaper in a wallpaper shop in a happy home square in Zhifu District due to the renovation of the house. The person in charge of the store received Mr. Liu. At that time, the merchant only gave the sample album, and did not give the product packaging. At the time of selection, Mr. Liu proposed two requirements. First, it must be a qualified product produced by a regular domestic manufacturer. The second must be to meet the environmental standards set by the state. The material is non-woven fabric and potato wallpaper glue.

In this regard, the person in charge of the business has repeatedly promised that it is a wallpaper produced by regular manufacturers in Shanghai. The materials are non-woven fabrics and potato wallpaper glue that meet the national environmental protection standards. Under the repeated introduction and persuasion of the merchant, Mr. Liu ordered 8 models of wallpapers, with a total amount of 24,590 yuan and a pre-delivery fee of 5,000 yuan. On March 8th, the merchant called to say that the mall had to draw a lottery and asked Mr. Liu to pay the full amount, and promised to pay the full payment, that is, delivery and paving. So Mr. Liu paid the full amount in the mall on the same day, totaling 24,590 yuan.

On the morning of April 8, the merchant sent workers to send wallpaper and glue to Mr. Liu’s home. During the inspection, Mr. Liu found that all the wallpaper packaging and inner packaging did not have the Chinese logo, but the English was not understood. The glue was outsourced with the Chinese logo but no production date. He immediately asked the delivery staff, the other said that only delivery and paving, no matter what. So Mr. Liu and the person in charge of the business contacted by phone. After the person in charge of the business went to Mr. Liu’s house, he said that this is a wallpaper produced in Shanghai. It is normal to have no Chinese logo. They usually sell it like this.

Mr. Liu is very skeptical and immediately called 12315 to consult the complaint. According to the staff of 12315, according to the provisions of the National Product Quality Law, whether it is imported goods or domestic products, as long as they are sold in China, they must have a complete Chinese logo. If they are not sold, they must not be sold in China. . At present, the Zhifu Industrial and Commercial Department has investigated the case.

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